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Swimming pool made from polyester resins reinforced with fiberglass (fiberglass reinforced plastic – FRP). It consists of gelcoat and polyester glass mat laminated sheets.
Gelcoat: the outer layer, used for protection, does not include fiberglass, is entirely dyed (colours can be chosen from the RAL colour chart), is polishable
The exterior pool wall is sprayed with a special insulating layer, which is 10-30mm thick (it can vary depending on the spraying processes). 10mm of this insulating material is equal, in terms of insulation, to 50mm of styrofoam.
Advantages: Because of the insulation there is no need to adhere styrofoam to the pool before the installation, which is very time-consuming, especially in the vicinity of steps, curves and pre-installed accessories.   Because of the pre-installed insulation layer, a considerable reduction of costs is achieved. It also provides a better quality of insulation. It is necessary to use the secure, insulating layer as it protects the pool from damages originating from the contact with a lean concrete layer.   This security advantage is also important during the transport stage, as it stabilises the pan.

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