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Rest and relaxation in a warm bath with water massage.

How the spa tubs influence your health?

Immediately after stepping into a spa tub, refreshing beams of warm water stimulate the blood circulation, widening blood vessels. Stress levels and blood pressure decrease significantly. Being in water unburdens your knees and joints by 90% from carrying your own bodyweight, thus allowing the body and muscles to relax. All ailments and cramps soothe. The warmth also reaches collagen tissue, therefore hot baths lessen suffering and facilitate movement in joints inflammation.

tub specifications
- dimensions - 2m x2m x 0.9m
- holds 5 people / couch
- LED lighting
- 25 rotary nozzles
- 3kW heating
- ozone device
- 2 headrests
- water release
- programmable filter system
- insulated cover
- two-speed pump 2.5kW
- filtration: cartridge filter
- operating system: SmartTouch
- water capaciy: 1020 l
- empty weight: 245 kg
- water-filled weight: 1265 kg
- insulation: double thermal insulation
- 240 V / 1x 16A

COLOUR: Sterling Marble with a gray exterior facing

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