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To lengthen the utilisation of a swimming pool we offer the installation of a roofing. It consists of a system of segments (arched or semi-arched) moving in both directions, which can be telescopically slid back and forth over the pool surface.
The truss is made from aluminum profiles, which are filled with multi-wall polycarbonate tiles, whose properties allow the creation of a big and light construction. The proper thickness of the polycarbonate influences rigidity and good heat-insulating properties.
We guarantee that proper roofing provides high standards of pool utilisation, i.e.:
- they lengthen the utilisation period
- they make the pool weatherproof
- they protect water from being contaminated
- they shorten the time spent on water-conservation
- they absorb heat from the sun
- they prevent rapid water cooling
- they prevent children and pets from falling into the water

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