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Liner swimming pools. The pool consists of: a steel frame (0.6mm and 0.8mm thick), a foil sheet (0.6mm thick) with high temperature-change resistivity, upper and lower profiles, a support frame. A steel coating installed in profiles, which harden and shape it, serves as the frame of the pool. The middle support frame is made from sturdy, hot-dip galvanised steel (one horizontal rail and two vertical supports). They are available in two depths: 120cm and 150cm.
Every pool is supplied with: a skimmer, a sand filter, a ladder, nozzles. In addition it is possible to equip the pool with: a water heating system, underwater lights, massage jets, covers, an automatc filter, automatic dosage of chemistry, stone pool tiles, an automatic suction pool cleaner, etc.
The pool looks best when it is put inground. 120cm-deep pools can be placed on the ground, while 150cm-deep pools have to be dug into the ground for at least 75cm. The steel wall of the pool is hot-dip galvanised and secured by a layer of polyester. On the inside it is protected by high protection varnish. The pool interior is inlaid with blue PVC foil. It gives colour to water. The foil is equipped with a roller, (installed on the wall’s upper profile) enabling an easier replacement, without the necessity of removing stone pool tiles from the poolside.

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