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Solar collectors

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Solar collectors
The fourth type of water heating are solar systems. Solar collectors are placed on the most sunlit part of a house roof or on the ground (on a special construction) near the pool, most often on the southern side. Water is pumped into the collectors. Circulating, it gets heated and returns to the pool. This system allows water temperature increase by 8°C. It is operated by a controller with a ball valve with an electric actuator and equipped with temperature sensors. The heating is turned on with enough heat on the collectors and turned off when the heat is insufficient. When the target temperature is set, the system sustains its constant level.
The costs of solar system maintenance do not change as they are powered by a circulating pump from the filter.
Solar systems are an ideal solution for water heating in the Polish climate. Properly selected and designed, they reduce costs of heating in indoor swimming pools. In case of outdoor swimming pools, they lengthen the utilisation by a couple of months.

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