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Water filtration


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Water filtration technique
In swimming pool technology the most important element is the water filtration system.The simplest systems consist of a pump and a filter. They enable clean and clear water maintenance. In basic cartouche filters, a disposable cellulose (paper) cartridge serves as the main filtering element. They are mostly used in smaller, standalone swimming pools. The pump with a cartridge inside is usually underslung from the poolside. More advanced filters hold the filtrating element (gravel) within a special container. The build of such filters enables multiple sluicing of the filtering layer without losing any of its properties. It also allows for better efficiency, therefore is used in bigger swimming pools. It is possible to upgrade the filtering system with an automatic chemical dispensing system. It automatically controls and amends water PH levels and the amount of chlorine or active oxygen. The automatisation prevents accidental negligence of the swimming pool water. Water treatment stations of this kind are necessary in public swimming pools, and their convenience and funcionality make them all the more useful in private pools.
The filter systems we offer are equipped only with already proven pumps. Those pumps are purposefully produced for swimming pools. They are fitted with bronze or cast iron casings and fiber catch cans (pre-filters), which protect pump rotors from contact with litter. These are suction pressure pumps which vary in efficiency and hoisting height. All the pump parts are eco-friendly and recyclable.

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