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Ferroconcrete swimming pools
Ferroconcrete pan is made from waterproof concrete, which can be inlaid with tiles, mosaic or PVC foil. The project is adjusted to suit individual needs, therefore there are no limitations towards the shape, the depth and the funcionality of the swimming pool.
Things that should be considered when choosing the ferroconcrete swimming pool:
1. Should it be constructed in the skimmer or overflow technology?
In the skimmer technology water is siphoned off by a skimmer, an opening in a pool wall on the water table level, which is linked to a system of pipes leading to a filter. The filter pump siphons off the water and pumps it towards intake nozzles installed on the opposite side of the pool, which make the already-filtered water find its way back to the pool.
In the overflow technology the water table is on the same level as the poolside, which provides the effect of a uniform surface. Water is drained all over the circumference of the pool towards an overflow pipe, which leads to a balancing tank. It is then suctioned to a filter by a circulator pump, re-heated and flown back into the pool through a system of pool-floor nozzles.
2. What material should be used to inlay the interior of the pool?
3. What material should be used to create pool parts and accessories: bronze, stainless steel or ABS steel?
4. Which water attractions will be needed?
We can offer: counter current units, water curtains, water cannons, water mushrooms, air pressure massage chairs, divingboards, etc.
The construction of such pools is much more time-consuming and involves more expenses than the installation of a pre-manufactured skimmer pools.

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